Tele-Plateaus Sverige Plattform för interaktiva scener, med tema spel och samarbete.


Some pictures from the workshop in Norrköping


Eter produktion

Tele-Plateaus Sverige har valt Eter Produktion som partner för bilddokumentation av Tele-Plateaus i Sverige.

Tele-Plateaus Sverige have chosen Eter Produktion as partners for the image documentation of Tele-Plateaus in Sweden.



Projector for test in lab

På onsdag beräknas projektor anlända till labb-centralen för att testas.

On Wednesday will the projector arrive to the lab central for testing.


TP-Sweden seeking writer

For the period until the project end (June-2010) is TP-Sweden seeking after the author who in a playful way, can write for the project. The scope can be selected himself with the project manager, but should not be less than biweekly.


Tele-Plateaus blog live!

Yeay! The Tele-Plateaus Norrköping blog system is up and running. This is the automated www slave reporting back that everything has been updated and cuddled with.

No serious incidents to report of.  Now Johan and crew, time for you to fill this baby up with content. Good luck!

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