Tele-Plateaus Sverige Plattform för interaktiva scener, med tema spel och samarbete.

About Tele-Plateaus

When a butterfly flaps its wings in Norrköping, the music starts at the club Mecca in Praha, a text is read aloud at the National Library of Madrid, and the light show begins at Dresden Hauptbahnhof. All in real time, and simultaneously. This can become a reality 2010th.

Tele-Plateaus is a project, semi-funded by the EU, where for two years four European cities will be creating distance performances including image, text, spoken language, movements, and music through the exchange and sharing of ideas. The project runs until July 2010, and there is a lot going on.

The Swedish part in the projects is housed in Norrköping and have selected games and cooperation as the theme.

More information and interactivity will follow. Until then, we would like to show you two examples (1 2) from previous installations in Germany.

European Tele-Plateaus

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